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    Archive for August, 2013


    0 Photoshop: How to Make a 3D, Pop Out Photo EffectPhotoshop tutorial showing how to make a 3D, pop-out photo effect by making an object, animal or person look as if it’s popping out from a photo.

    Tutorial: Quick selection & refine edge tools:

    Dog photo:

    Duration : 0:4:56



    0 Photoshop Splatter / dispersion photomanipulation TutorialQuick tutorial on how to get the spatter / scatter / dispersion effect in Photoshop. Link to image below.

    Download the original image Here to practice on:

    (rights reserved and all that, but please enjoy for practice of this technique)

    DOWNLOAD BRUSHES HERE: (please abide by the brush creator requests)
    To install : download the .arb file (on the right side) place the file to C drive – program files – Adobe – Adobe Photoshop – Presets – Brushes

    If you don’t have “content aware fill” for the first step to make the model disappear for a uniform background, use the clone stamp tool. alternate video on how to do this linked in the video.

    Duration : 0:8:49



    0 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 TrainingAdobe Photoshop 7.0

    Duration : 0:1:57



    0 The Healing Brush   Photoshop CS6 TutorialLink to written tutorial:

    The Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush, and Patch tool are are healing options that I use very much when retouching photographs. These tools are very much “touch and feel” tools that you really want to start using to figure out how best they work for you. There is no better set of tools in Photoshop for cleaning up spots and unwanted objects in a picture than this set of healing tools. Today we’re going to focus on the Healing Brush.

    Model -Sarah Harley:






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    Duration : 0:15:39



    0 Layer Masks Explained! Photoshop 6, 7 or CS2 CS3 CS4 CS5 explains Photoshop CS5 Layers and Layer Masks

    Duration : 0:8:12