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    Archive for December, 2012


    0 Stylish 3D Text Effect | Photoshop CS5 Extended TutorialIn this tutorial, you will learn how to create a really interesting, swirly 3D Text Effect inspired by this tutorial:

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    Here is the (untested) link to the Agenfa-Bold font used:

    You can find the texture I used at the end HERE:

    Duration : 0:36:27



    0 Photoshop Tutorial: Make Advanced Hair Selections with Masks  HD In this tutorial, you will learn how to make advanced selections using masks in Photoshop CS5.

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    Duration : 0:5:26



    0 Photoshop   Watermarking & Copyrighting Your ImagesWith all your hard work the last thing you want is someone coming along and stealing your work saying that it was thier own. Although your using Photoshop you can still get around copyright information (something I do not condone) but why make it easy for them.

    This video will explain the basics of how and where you would go to put Copyright and image watermarks on to your pictures.

    As a follow up to this video there is a “Batching” video which will explain how you would perform this on multiple images at the same time

    Duration : 0:6:28



    0 Banana Float (A Photoshop Tutorial)

    Duration : 0:2:12



    0 photo editing tutorials in photoshop cs2photo editing tutorials in photoshop cs2 Start taking great photos with ordinary camera and adding awesome special effects into them. You don’t need expensive DSL camera for superb photos. check out the link in video for more info

    Duration : 0:1:19



    0 Judas Priest Burn In HellJudas Priest Burn In Hell
    For more metal check out Gomorrah from my channel

    Duration : 0:6:42



    0 ★ Photoshop Tutorial   Justin/ Background for TGN Livestream!, ft. Pandora   TGNOfficial 24/7 TGN Live Stream — — All TGN, all the time!

    TGN has recently launched a new 24/7 livestream as you all should know since Hengest has made some fabulous videos promoting it. I made the background for it and here is the video of it! As always Like/Comment and Subscribe, much love if you do! There is also a winner of my 500th Sub Competition and his BG is well underway and the video will be up shortly. Please check out these awesome links below!

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    Duration : 0:4:40



    0 free adobe photoshop tutorials cs2free adobe photoshop tutorials cs2 Start taking Awesome photos with ordinary camera and adding great special effects into them. You really don’t need expensive DSL camera for superb photos. See more at Link in video.

    Duration : 0:1:11



    0 Game Design   Photoshop   Perspective Correction – A game design video from the Game Institute’s ‘Textures for Games’ Photoshop training series. Check out our Game Developer Package which includes the full Photoshop video training series as well as training in 3ds Max, game programming, Unity development, and more.

    Duration : 0:7:46



    0 Beautiful lady with flowing light effects   Photoshop TutorialGet the stock images here:

    This tutorial was supposed to be for premium members only but I decided I would give it for free, It’s Christmas after all. Thanks for your support.

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    Duration : 1:2:51