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    Archive for November, 2012


    0 Rouge auftragen   Das Photoshop Training: PorträtretuscheAuch Make-up können Sie durch den Einsatz von Ebenenfüllmethoden auf digitalem Wege auftragen. Erfahren Sie in diesem Video, wie Sie mit den bordeigenen Mitteln von Photoshop ein Wangenrouge erzeugen.

    Dieses Video ist ein Auszug aus dem Training »Das Photoshop-Training: Porträtretusche« von Galileo Press. Weitere Infos finden Sie unter

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    Duration : 0:5:59



    0 Photoshop CS5 Tutorials   How to make a photo into a Caricature [Photoshop Tutorial]How to make a photo into a caricature, Caricature Tutorial.
    In this tutorial i will show you how to make a caricature in photoshop. this is quick ,easy and step by step tutorial on how to turn a normal photo into caricature.

    1-How to make a photo into a Caricature [Photoshop Tutorial] HD

    2-How to change lip color in photoshop CS5 , Apply lipstick [Photoshop CS5 Tutorial] HD

    3-How to change Hair color in Photoshop CS5 [Photoshop CS5 Tutorial]

    4-How to change eye color in photoshop CS5 [Photoshop CS5 Tutorial] HD

    5-How to make a Color Splash Effect in photoshop CS5 [Photoshop CS5 Tutorial] HD

    6-How to remove Red Eye in photoshop CS5 [Photoshop CS5 Tutorial) HD

    7-How to Delete/Remove background in Photoshop CS5 (Photoshop CS5 Tutorial) HD

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    Duration : 0:3:59



    0 Create a Winter Wonderland in PhotoshopLearn how to use Adobe Photoshop to turn an ordinary photo into a winter wonderland using selections, Adjustment Layers, and brushes! Make sure to check out my other Photoshop tutorials. Links below!







    Image from

    Duration : 0:11:13



    0 Photoshop Tutorial   Create An Awesome Looking Desktop Background, Hints Revealed!This tutorial will explain to you, how to make a stunning looking desktop background, for the home or office, in under 10 minutes!

    - Easy to follow step by step instructions

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    Duration : 0:7:15



    0 Color Sample is BACKWARDS in Photoshop?!For those who have run into this issue before, this is why your color sampling may be applying your sampled color to the background, instead of the foreground.

    More from IceflowStudios: | | |

    Duration : 0:2:13



    0 Vampire Effect   Advanced Photoshop TutorialIn this video I will show you some of the techniques I used to make vampire teeth in Photoshop, how to make evil eyes and how to use bloody stock images.

    Stock images used:

    Mixer brush tutorials:

    Realistic blood tutorial:

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    Duration : 0:37:27



    0 IceflowStudios Design Training   Photoshop: Reflections (HD) |

    Creating nice, non destructive reflections in Photoshop!

    Music: Kevin MacLeod

    Duration : 0:3:51



    0 Non Destructive Burn/Dodge in PhotoshopFor those who deal a lot with model retouching, burning and dodging non-destructively is a must! Take a look how it’s done.

    More from IceflowStudios: | | |

    Image provided by

    Duration : 0:3:55



    0 Adobe Photoshop CS2  tutorial How to make a fire/water planetpetar4o0o94 Photoshop CS2 tutorial-How to make a fire/water planet

    Duration : 0:7:2



    0 IceflowStudios Design Training   Photoshop: Creating Effective Clouds! |

    Create nice clouds in Photoshop!

    Music: Kevin MacLeod

    Duration : 0:6:29